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What Makes a Good Ironing Board?

Out of all the household chores, ironing your clothes after they have been washed has got to be one of the trickiest, most difficult of them all. This is because if all goes wrong, you’d get your clothes badly burned, which would then leave a stain that’s unsightly and can’t be remedied with thorough washing. While knowing how to iron clothes is important, it’s also of equal importance for you to get the best ironing board today you could possibly get, as it’s hard to work on makeshift surfaces. With that said, what then, makes a good ironing board? What qualities or characteristics of it should you be looking for? Let’s find out below.

Top is Covered with Heat-Resistant Fabric

Never choose an Ironing Board that has a plastic cover as a permanent outermost layer! Plastics are not as sturdy as cloth. Furthermore, don’t just get one with any other fabric, get one with a thick, and thus, heat-resistant one. This allows you to not worry about the iron burning through.

Stand is Sturdy Enough

Sometimes, you would need some more force, or you may want to rest the weight of your arms on the board for a while to feel less fatigued in ironing. In order for you to do so, make sure to get an ironing board that has a sturdy stand that would not collapse under your weight.

Has an Area for Resting Iron

Make sure that the Ironing Board that you have has a dedicated place for resting the iron. This helps reduce the risk of you burning the topmost layer, as well as the risk of you getting burned by coming in contact with the iron’s hot surface facing upright.

One End is Rounded

If the end is well-rounded, it helps you to iron leg parts of trousers and shirts with long sleeves, as you would not have to fold it and cause wrinkling of the shirt. Make sure that the ends are not just round, but one which is smooth.