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Ad Formats Available At Clear Coin

ClearCoin is a well-known company that effectively facilitates the buying and selling of various media in real-time; all transactions are done on decentralized applications in order to reach an expansive digital environment. The system, solutions and applications offered by them are user-friendly and straight to the point unlike so many companies that claim to offer the same quality. By visiting their official website, you’ll be able to scan through the services that Clear Coin offers and below are some of their ad formats:

Clear Coin’sTop Ad Formats

  • Display and Native

this particular ad format is presented to the client or user alongside the provided content or during the entire browsing experience.

  • Mobile

during the past couple of years, mobile phones have dominated the usage of applications and data; it’s like people can’t live a day without phones or similar devices. Thus, it was no surprised that mobiles emerged as one of the best ad formats.

  • Virtual Reality

virtual reality, which we’re confident you’ve heard before, is a fairly new concept that’s innovative and so the possibilities are endless. According to experts, in the coming decade virtual reality could likely be an emerging ad format.

  • Social

majority of us have social media accounts and come across featured ads every now and then. Clear Coin’s ad formats featured on numerous social media websites enhances the overall social sharing possibilities.

  • Audio

digital streaming and radio is nothing new since it has been a huge industry for a long time. Therefore, ad formats that thrive on audio are not going out of date anytime soon.

  • Search

the majority of search market is actually centralized, but Clear Coin expects a lot of decentralization in the near future.

  • Television

you don’t need us to tell you that television is an incredibly resilient ad format that quickly adapts to any trend.