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Why Get Nose Surgery? Answers From Dr. Ryan Frank

Since the individual parts of the face contributes to its over-all beauty and impact, one of the things that really manages to attract people is the nose. It is widely believed that a nose with a well-defined bridge is one which is attractive, and hence people either do contouring for a nice-looking nose, or to those who can afford and want a more long-term solution, look for a rhinoplasty surgeon Toronto to help them with this particular need. One of the most reliable surgeons in Canada for this particular matter is Dr. Ryan Frank. What are the reasons why people go through a Rhinoplasty? Here’s what Dr. Frank thinks.

Nose Damage from Injury

This is often the case among hockey players, where the nose will get hit by a puck, or whenever one suffers car accidents, or other injuries involving the face. It would be awkward to see a malformed nose, as most of the time, noses get crooked and bones in the nose get broken. This is something that Dr. Frank is able to fix with his top-notch quality rhinoplasty procedures.

Congenital Issues

There are several breathing problems that are a result of congenital defects, one of which is a deviated septum. In these cases, patients find it hard to breathe. While breathing through the mouth can be done in these cases, breathing through the nose is the safer, more hygienic way of getting oxygen. A good rhinoplastic surgeon is able to deal with these cases with ease.

Cosmetic Reasons

There really isn’t a so-called “perfect” nose, but there are a lot of people who find certain features of their nose dislikeable. This includes having a bridge bump, a bulbous tip, drooping downward, a big, dominating nose, or one that has nostrils that are too open or flared. Rhinoplasty is able to address these issues.