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Online radio involves a lot of techno, Dutch house and dub along with the original Roland TR – 808 drum which is signature in all EMD trap music. This music has various combinations and a number of artists and DJ’s are experimenting with it in order to deliver some peppy numbers for people to groove to. With canada radio online you can now listen to all this music whenever you want to.

Online radio music started to get popular in 2012. This is the time most dub step stars lost their charm and progressive house music began to take its place. By 2013, Online radio was something that all party goers began to rave about. Mayhem x Antiserum were amongst the first to revamp the southern music style and bring in something that manages to rule the charts till date. Mayhem and Antiserum were known to experiment with various music genres and hen this heavy metal band came together with the southern influence, the delivered one of the best Online radio hits “Bricksquad Anthem”. The collaboration is still on and they are expected to deliver some more tracks soon.

Another popular EDM band that emerged from LA is the Gladiator. They managed to deliver some of the most popular remixes that included tracks from Kelly Rowland, Flux Pavilion and Kayne West. Their album “New” managed to rock the charts with some of the freshest tracks that were crisp and original.

Heroes x Villains picked up really fast since their roots were with trap music. This band recreated their original hits such as “Oh let’s do it” and “You don’t like me” with  fusion to deliver popular Online radio music tracks that were mega hits and took on the country for a long time.

There are a number of explanations to what Online radio music is, however one of the simplest ways to understand it is that its electronic music that’s combined with a bit of trance and rap (TRAP).