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The Virtual Data Room: The Basics

If you own an M&A Company, or deal with files that are extremely sensitive and confidential in nature, then you should avail of a Virtual Data Room. In lieu of Cloud Computing, the Virtual Data Room is one which takes security and functionality up a notch, and thus makes document sharing a lot more secure. is a site which covers reviews, as well as the common issues and trends for VDRs or Virtual Data rooms, and you can visit their website for more information about this. With that said, here are some of the basic features associated with VDRs.

Custom Access Permission

One of the features of VDRs is a more customized access permission. With that said, the administrators have more control as to who gets to see the documents or folders being uploaded to the system. Different levels of access are allowed on VDRs, thus allowing only interested and/or concerned parties to access these files. VDRs also enable watermarking, which further discourages illegal and/or unwanted distribution of a file.

Non-Perpetual Document Life

Unlike simple cloud-based services, VDRs allow administrators to set the “Document Life”, setting the number of hours or days before it gets taken down, without having to manually delete the files. This takes document security even up a notch.

More Administrator Transparency

More than just giving stricter access, the VDR puts great emphasis on the admin having control on not just the documents, but also the ones who view the documents. With that said, a standard VDR allows administrators to view or monitor user activity. Also, they allow project archiving, wherein all the documents and the activities concerning the documents are recorded and kept for future use.

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