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While the wedding photo shoot is extremely essential you need to understand that it is the offsite wedding photo shoot that will capture the moments that you and your partner share with each other and the true love that you have for each other. When you rope in a photographer to get your wedding covered at your Pasadena City Hall wedding, make sure you get them to do your offsite wedding photo shoot as well.

The offsite Wedding photo shoot is all about candid moments and the love that the romantic couple shares. This is something that you cannot expect out of a wedding photo shoot because you need to be very formal during that event. While the wedding album will be filled with guest pictures and people who have attended your wedding, your offsite wedding photo shoot is exclusively your pictures and you will have some amazing moments captured for the both of you to share with each other for the rest of your life. You can choose to decorate your home using these pictures because they will represent your true self and you will see the love in each other’s eyes with this picture.

If you pick California as a destination for your photo shoot, you can club it with a holiday and the memory of taking a holiday trip with your partner just before you get married is something that you will always fondly remember. The pictures that you get from the photo shoot can be used even as personalized gift items or to create the perfect wedding giveaways. Some couples love to create wedding cards that represent them and what better way to represent you as a couple than to use pictures from the offsite wedding photo shoot that show you as a couple.