Hinge – The Dating App Similar To Tinder But Better

For some, meeting new people and dating can be as easy as breathing but for other it can be the hardest challenge to overcome. What a lot of people find difficult in dating is thinking of topics to talk about and worrying whether or not the other person will find them the least bit attractive. Fortunately dating apps were created and developed, opting for a dating app eases the tension when talking to another person and gives you a bit more time to think of a reply or a topic without all the awkwardness of dead silence in real life. Since there are a ton of dating apps available, but not many is all that great, we’re recommending the dating app Hinge.


People who have used other application like Tinder, note that Hinge and Tinder are similar. In all honesty, they are incredibly similar but Hinge come with a handful of features and option that actually make it better than Tinder. Hinge heavily relies on Facebook, specifically it relies in your Facebook friends in creating a connection for you. Hinge is also able to connect you with the help of friends of friends or some other friend; it displays the people or friends you have in common as well as the things that both of you have interest in. In order to really screen those preferences, Hinge asks a serious of questions Tinder-style; if your answer to the question is yes then swipe right, if no then swipe left.

Take note that you can only add photos on hinder from the photos that you’ve already uploaded in Instagram or Facebook; which is unfortunate if you’re inactive on both. Also, people are only able to message each other if they have matched so there no unwanted greeting from people you’ve never matched with.