Dewalt Miter Saw- Cordless- Is it Worth the Hype?

Dewalt is a renowned brand involved in the making of miter saws. Dewalt recently launched a line of cordless saws. The sliding miter saw is reviewed.


The Dewalt cordless sliding compound miter saw is used especially to keep the workplace especially.  There are no extension cords and therefore there is no possibility of tripping. The sword also has plenty of power. The saw takes 75 minutes to completely charge. The tool is operable with a 20V maximum battery. The saw can be purchased either with or without the battery. It can even be fixed to a workbench and it has holes that are provided using which it can be secured with bolts and screws.

Pros of the Saw:


The saw has a blade which has dimensions 7.25’ and can be used in cutting 2x8s. However, it can be used for cutting 2x10s as well. The blade size it good, and it is circular. The blades can be interchanged, making it economical. Cuts can be made in a range of angles, such as 45 and 48 and are highly precise. The dust bag can be used to contain the dust or it can be used to attached to the vacuum. It is recommended to remove the dust bag. This way, the content will be safely discarded rather than in the car or a truck.

Cons of the Saw:

The saw in itself does not have any advanced features and only acts as a typical saw, with the only visible change being the lack of the cord. There is an issue with the determination of the XPS line, which is overridden by the sun and is not visible. This is a good product otherwise. It should be purchased only when the user wants to pay extra for removing the cord.