CS:GO Guide for Beginners

CS:GO is bigger in the eyes of the public than ever before with its release in 2012 and the succeeding reinvigoration of Counter Strike as an eSport. That is bound to deliver in little fresh stuff. Here are several quick tips to enhance your skills if you are one of those newbies who has been sucked in by the recent popularity of CS:GO. If you are one of those players who love to collect skins, then you better have your steam trade URL updated.


Counter-Strike isn’t a simple game. You would not get good at it in one day. Playing a lot is the only actual way to get better at it. The rest of the list would provide you methods to quickly get better – to enhance the time you spend with CS:GO. However, there is no advice in the entire universe that would make you an expert at the game without putting in the hours. It isn’t rare to see players on any server who have 1100+ played hours.

Change your Settings

Know what sort of control, audio, and video settings work for you when you are first starting to play. There are no certain settings that are “right”. So, you would have to figure out what works best for your current hardware and personal preferences. Ensure that you are getting at least 64 FPS (frames per second).

Play Deathmatch

Deathmatch is a mode of the game where there is no worrying about money, no rounds, and no objectives. It is the cleanest refinement of the gunplay of Counter-Strike. It is the fastest ways to learn how all the various weapons work since there is no downtime after you die. However, it will not teach you team strategies or how to play the objectives.