Underage Drunk Driving Charges And How To Come Out Unscathed

Driving under the influence is bad enough but adding the fact that the driver is underage can make the charges and the situation even worse. So if your child was arrested for drunk driving, one of the most effective ways to minimize damage is to hire the best DUI Lawyer, Kissimmee. Always opt for a lawyer located in your state or areas because every state implements their own unique set of laws for certain situations and offenses; no matter how experienced a lawyer is, if they’re from a different state then it’s impractical.

Corey Cohen Law Firm

Corey Cohen and the lawyers who work for him have handled tons of cases that involve juvenile crimes, drunk driving and minors in possession. They’re more than capable of mitigating any and all legal consequences that result from underage drinking charges. Some of the consequences include community service, conviction on a minor’s record, a heightened insurance premium rate and loss of driving privileges.

Aside from the common penalties, a considerable conviction will likely cause major problems in the private life of a minor which includes difficulties in their education and employment. Hundreds and thousands of people are searching for opportunities regarding school and employments and not a good number of these applicants will be given the opportunity, so any kind of bad record will definitely remove take them off the list.

The parents will also face certain legal issues if they were the ones who supplied the alcohol. For any aggressive and knowledgeable legal help, read up on the underage drinking charges applicable in Florida. But for a better understanding, seek the advice and clear explanation of a trusty lawyer like Corey Cohen. They assist their clients from the beginning of the process up until the end where the minor who was charged will be set free or receive a reduced charged.