Factors Affecting Your Auto Insurance Premium

As you go from one insurance provider to the next, you’ll notice that auto insurance policies always vary in premiums; it’s not just Toronto auto insurance, regardless of the location and the kind of insurance there will always be a variation. A lot of you might be wondering what makes up the total amount of an insurance premium, it depends on numerous factors aside from the company itself, your state, driving record and the kind of car you drive; these are common knowledge.

Who You Are

Don’t take this the wrong way, but who you are affects the insurance costs; these factors can be frustrating since you can’t really do anything about it. Factors like your age, driving records and gender are the key factors. The highest payers would be men younger than 25 years old. The reason behind this is that, according to statistics, they’re involved in the highest number of accidents, thus they’re charged more than women. A couple of states don’t allow insurance rates to be based in age or gender and this has resulted to higher rates for women instead of lower rates for men. So if you’ve caused accidents or have been involved in other traffic violations then your premium will go up regardless of gender or age.

Total Insurance Coverage

Being underinsured is risky while having too much coverage can be a total waste of money. The total lack of insurance will put the property at great risk especially in accidents which you caused. The minimum required insurance coverage is rarely enough. Similar to purchasing a car, there’s no ‘best’ solution in purchasing auto insurance. Rates greatly vary, but surveys recommend car owners to pay anywhere from $500 up to $2,000 a year in insurance. Begin by meeting up with agents from a handful of the largest auto insurance provider in your area.