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Rivercove Residences Nearby Entertainment

Getting to unwind, relax, and have fun at the end of a tiring week is something that people most definitely tend to look forward to do, especially when the week has been exceptionally tiring. Different people have different means of doing recreation. Aside from the rivercove residences price, one of the things that people generally consider in choosing a place to stay is whether or not it would be convenient for them to do so. One of the assurances of rivercove residences is that there would always be something to do. With that said, what exactly are these? Let’s find out below.

Sengkang Sports and Recreation Centre

One of the best forms of recreation in the area is the Sengkang Sports and Recreation Center, which is equipped with a community center, as well as a place for just about every sport, such as soccer fields, hockey rinks, badminton courts, and swimming pools. This is unique, as it’s found on a river, and for kids there is a choice of 5 water slides, making it the best place for after-school sports activities. Moreover, there are fitness coaching and mass exercise opportunities that the sports center offers as well, which gives you the chance to be healthier and interact with others.

Compass One

The Compass One is a shopping mall that’s located a mere minutes from Rivercove Residences. All of the essentials of a shopping mall are there, from bakeries that sell delicious, freshly-baked bread, to tech stores and shops for clothing and apparel. While there are a lot of stalls inside Compass One, there also are several other places to both shop and dine within the vicinity, making the experience of living in and around Rivercove residences one which is fun and exciting.