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Who Will Win The Most Competitive League In The World?

This season as the competition heats up in the Premier League, it is going to be tricky and really difficult to put your money on any fixed result and that is why you are in the right place which was rated online casino reviews #1 site for best online casinos. Football can be really tricky sometimes, especially the Premier League, which provides us with new shockers every week.

The race for the title right now seems to be centred in the industrial hub of England, Manchester. The two Manchester clubs have been really going for the crown from the start of the season by completely blowing away clubs which would have proved to be really tough competitors during some other season. Right now Manchester City sits on the top of the table, edging United due to a superior goal difference.

Right now Manchester City have the edge over their neighbours and they look destined to edge out their neighbours and they have already shown their dominance by humbling Liverpool to a 5-0 defeat. They also edge out Chelsea and their lethal attack is proving really tough to handle for sides in the Premier League. Manchester do have some doubts in defence and a couple of injuries will put them in a fiddle.

Manchester United is still a favourite for most experts due to Jose Mourinho at the helm and also due to the depth of the squad. Manchester United will still be a pretty world class even if they end up injuring half of their squad. United have had perfect defensive performances throughout last season and also this season and as Sir Alex Ferguson once said, that good attack might win games but a good defense could win you an entire season.

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