Why Choose SWAT for Pest and Wildlife Control?

The SWAT we’re talking about here might be a little different from the one you initially had in mind. SWAT, or Specialized Wildlife Apprehension Technicians, offers all sorts of services from the removal of wildlife through a humane process, removal of animal carcasses and other preventive measures; they specifically offer skunk, bird, mice, rat, squirrel, opossum and bat removal Toronto. They have made it their goal to help clients with whatever wildlife and pest related problem. Because of the fact that their wildlife technicians use effective humane equipment and procedures when handling the wildlife, clients opt for them.

house maintenance problem – roof corner with gutter blocked by dry leaves

Specialized Wildlife Apprehension Technicians

When it comes to animal services, every technician under SWAT is able to do an outstanding job at animal proofing numerous parts of the house or business structure; roof vents, deck screening, exhaust pipes and capping chimney should be wildlife proof. The company offers a 100% guarantee up to 1 year after the materials have been installed and the service has been completed. As we mentioned, they implement humane processes and materials. With the help of their professional technicians, wildlife can be removed without putting the homeowners or clients in harm’s way. The animals are properly removed without causing them stress and injury.

As for bat removal, and every other wildlife removal, the animals can cause serious damage to the property especially if their numbers are swelling up every day. We highly go against doing it on your own if you’re inexperienced or not really trained to handle those kinds of problem. Keep in mind that you might do more damage than good, harm the bats and yourself in the process. If you think about it, you’ll save a lot more money when you let the professionals do the job for you.