Barrie, Car Insurance from PC Insurance

PC insurance is a well-known insurance provider or broker where residents from Barrie go to for any kind of insurance coverage they require. Among their varying insurance packages, Barrie car insurance is one of them. PC Insurance strives to offer convenience for their clients by partnering with 9 insurance companies. By having more than one insurance company to reference to with regards to their home and auto insurance, clients can compare and contrast packages and select the one that best suits them. Pet insurances are also available for dogs and cats of every age.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurances are highly regulated products, there are minimum coverage amounts; these are mostly regulated by the government. The minimum coverage may change from time to time, so if you want to know the updated minimum coverage then we suggest checking your province’s website. Clients who require additional coverage apart from the minimum amount then the client would be responsible for the deficit. Let’s say that the insured person was involved in an accident that damaged someone else’s property and the damage totaled $600,000 but the insurance only covered $300,000 then the person insured is responsible for the $300,000 deficit. Because of this, majority of owners opt for coverage higher than the minimum requirement.

Online quotations from PC Insurance include all the legally mandated coverage in the person’s area. Optional coverage is offered heavily based on the needs of the individual; clients can use their existing auto policy as a reference. Other drivers using your car are covered by the insurance as long as they have a valid driver’s license and are not excluded from driving vehicles. Take note that motor homes and RVs are not covered under the available insurance policies mainly due to the very nature of the vehicles.