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Ways to Prevent Wrinkles While Sleeping

Almost everyone in the world has said: “I need a beauty rest”. However, you do not just have to sleep, you still have to do something. Yes, you could use dr oz antiaging serum overnight to achieve your dream skin. But, there are other methods to slow down overnight the signs of aging.

A wrinkle is caused by elasticity and collagen loss. These reduce the volume of your skin. Applying regular muscle motions and regular pressure against the collagen would trigger its breakdown. It will eventually lead to unwanted lines.

Sleep on your Back

There will be a continuous pressure on your face if you sleep on your sides or on your stomach. These actions would create wrinkles over time. One way to cure this is to sleep on your back, according to professionals. In this way, your face won’t be applied with constant pressure. This may be not comfortable for a lot of people though. Also, you cannot manage your involuntary sleep movement. However, you could practice often and get used to it.

Upgrade the Pillowcase

You could still prevent wrinkles by upgrading your pillowcase to satin or silk from cotton if you just cannot be comfortable to sleep on your back. Your skin slides on the pillow with a silk pillowcase. For short, there’s fewer traction and the skin will not crunch against it.

Wear Night Cream

Night creams are ultra-moisturizing and heavy lotions that you really don’t want to wear during the day. Select a night cream that has hyaluronic acid. This helps firm and plump the skin.

Get Adequate Sleep

It is pretty clear. It is really necessary to get the exact amount of sleep if you want to achieve a glowing skin. It is probably best to sleep seven up to 8 hours.