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Ways to Spot a Fake NHL Jersey

Many individuals do not know how to spot a fake NHL jersey. According to professionals, the best defense for customers is the best offense in spotting fakes. Here are some ways to spot a fake NHL jersey, whether it is Pittsburgh Penguins jerseys, Montreal Canadiens, or any other.

Matching the Vendor

Professionals suggest that you should check and make sure that the jersey has the correct name of the vendor. Reebok is the vendor for any NHL gear. Nike is the vendor for any NFL gears. Adidas is the vendor for any NBA jerseys. To begin with, all gears must have those labels.

Find a Hologram

Each licensed NHL jersey is retailed with a hologram on its tag. You must ensure that the tags switch to LNH from NHL when rotated in the light. LNH stands for La Ligue Nationale de Hockey.


Beware of irregular markings on the jerseys or ripped tags, according to the NHL. You will see the crest is directly sewn to the material with the use of stitches if you flip an original jersey inside out. It is a fake if the logos and numbers are sewn on nylon crests.

According to professionals, beige or white fabric on the logo’s back is a great sign that it is a fake.


There will be a difference in the material’s texture between an original one and a fake jersey, according to professionals. Usually, the material is a lot thinner for a fake jersey.

Be Careful Where You Purchase

The NHL suggests buying at legit retailers rather than buying items online, flea markets, street vendors, and other questionable marketplaces.

According to some professionals. It is a similar principle as anything else. You must better watch out if the deal is too good to be true.