Guide To Finding A Last Minute Flight Deal

Today, in the modern era, last minute flight deals seem to be dead. Well, not really. You can easily find one only if you know where, when, and how to look. Here are some tested and tried tips on how to book a last minute flight.

Forget the Traditional Ways of Looking for a Last Minute Flight

The greatest way to book last minute flights back in the day was to reach the airport and request for a standby ticket. However, a lot of people nowadays are travelling by airplanes and most flights immediately sell out. The only way you are going to get on that vague standby list is to:

  • Have a relative or a friend working at the airport. However, you still have to wait.
  • Have a full price flight and request to get on a flight that is earlier.
  • Miss your own flight.

Become an Air Courier

Becoming an air courier was a famous option for budget travellers several years ago. However, only some airlines provide this kind of service today. Unless it was carried by a person, it can take up to weeks for a package to go through customs in the past. Today, companies such as UPS no longer need couriers since they already have deals with the airports. There are still several airlines which provide courier tickets. However, it is a highly competitive industry.

Keep your Ears and Eyes Open

You aren’t the only one finding a cheap last minute deal out there. Just by simply paying attention, you could get the jump on other travellers.

Sign up for a newsletter if an airline has it. This particularly works fairly well for rented flights because oftentimes, they have to fill extra seats. The newsletter will inform you about any last minute deals.