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Choosing the Best High Heels for Comfort

Shoes with high heels are a lot more popular than before. Sometimes, ladies ask if wearing heels could really be not good for the body. Some women who wear high heels regularly experience knee, back, or foot problems. So, how can someone wear comfortably the shoe they really want?  If you are planning to buy high-heeled shoes at Dorothy Perkins voucher codes, consider these points to avoid any problem wearing them.

Shoe Does Not Fit

Do you ever notice a gap between the wearer’s heel and arch areas and the shoe? Well, it probably shows a shoe that is too wide and too long. This could lead the foot to move around in the shoe while walking and surely will lead to discomfort and pain.

Extreme Height

Pain under the ball of the foot is one of the most popular problems with high-heeled shoes. The higher the heel means the more stress on the knee, ankle, and the ball of the foot. The stress rises as the height of the heel goes up.

Not Enough Cover

There are some shoes that hold the foot with only a small amount of material across the toes and a tiny ankle strap. This only means that there is small support. This will enable too much movement on an elevated and already unsteady heel. Walking in these shoes for too long would leave you with sore and tired feet. It will also put you at danger of an ankle injury.

Toe Torture

It is really painful to see toes squeezed into a pointy-toed shoe. There’s a problem with the material of the shoe not covering enough toes aside from the toes being squeezed into a small space. This forces the toes in working harder at keeping stability, which could lead to toe contractures.