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The Legal Status Of Weed

Cannabis has gone from a Schedule I Drug to a becoming a magical plant in almost no time. In fact doctors including Sanjay Gupta have taken upon themselves to increase awareness about the medical benefits of marijuana and have also increased the efforts to diversify the research done on Marijuana right now.  All the research that is being done is having a very positive effect on the American Congress and it might actually get removed from the Schedule I category of drugs, where it has lied since Nixon’s War on Drugs from 1971.


Even though weed is an illegal substance under federal law, the Supreme Court of the United States has allowed states to independently decide the state of the weed while keeping it under legislation. Right now almost every state in America has allowed medical marijuana to be used in some quantity or the other. Many states like California, Nevada, Washington, Maine, Oregon, Massachusetts, and Alaska have legalized both medical and recreational marijuana with proper legislation, with hefty charges if a person is found breaking the law. That seems fair as this will help the states regulate and control the weed production in the state and will also allow them to tax this substance which can be a huge boon to the economies.


Till a few years back, the information about the medicinal properties of marijuana was rare and could hardly be found but legalization will open the medical world to a new substance, which could have endless benefits. Marijuana is already treating people who are suffering for cramps and muscle pain with the help of CBD oil and it is also used to treat anxiety, depression, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s.

When the respective patients take the cannabis infused products, they enjoy a feeling of calmness and can be normal for the time being. As research goes on we are going to find more benefits about this plant and hopefully more products will be released.