What Are Different Types Of Grinding Media Used In Ball Mills

The ball mills are highly useful when it comes to grinding or crushing materials. These cylindrical shaped devices are in high demand in several industries such as construction, mining, agriculture and so on. The ball mill manufacturers create different sizes of grinding media to enable people from different industries use them as per their requirement. Some of the common uses of ball mill is in the production lines for creating fine powders such as silicates, cement, glass ceramics, fertilizer and so on.

There are basically two different types of ball mills developed by the ball mill manufacturers, and they are overfall type and grate type.  Different types of grinding media are created to be sued in the ball mills. Each media has its own unique characteristic. The ball mill manufacturers choose the right media for their purpose based on the following factors:

  • Size: When the media particles are small in size, the size of the final product will be smaller. The particles used as grinding media should be much larger in size than the materials that have to be powdered.
  • Density: The grinding media to be used in the ball mills should be denser than the materials that need to be powdered.
  • Durability and hardness: The durability as well as the hardness of the grinding media should be good enough to be able to completely crush the materials.
  • Composition: There are some grinding applications that come with some unique and special requirements that have to be met. This is based on whether the grinding media will be found in the finished product or hoe it will react with the materials that need to be grounded. Both color and material from which the grinding media is made from must be considered.

We hope the above information gives you an idea about the different aspects of grinding media ball mill manufactures have to keep in mind before making these devices for specific industrial use.