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Oral Steroids And Their Uses

Oral steroids are synthetic hormone altering medicines taken by mouth and are usually prescribed by doctors for different conditions. Oral steroids are usually administered or prescribed for deficiencies in growth, allergies, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, asthma, inflammatory responses (Crohn’s disease) and immune-coordination such as auto immune diseases. Anabolic steroids are mostly used to increase muscle mass, body building purposes, mostly used by athletes and gym instructors. There are a wide variety of oral steroid types some of which are; deflazacort, prednisolone, methylprednisolone, and Dexamethasone. These are extremely potent oral steroids and should only be taken on prescription. They can be purchased in pharmacies while anabolic drugs may not be so easy to obtain although they can be purchased online from authentic and authorized sites.

When purchasing oral steroids online, make sure to carefully read the reviews and other literature on the type, functions and possible side effects of this drug, this is to ensure your personal safety.

There are some physical health conditions that may hinder you from taking steroids or perhaps cause complications; early stages of pregnancy is a pretty risky period to take steroids as it might affect hormones and alter fetal formation, although there are safe periods when your doctor can recommend taking steroids. This can be during pregnancy or breast-feeding.

Each steroid type has a treatment or dosage period which must be strictly adhered to in order to avoid complications that occur from abuse. You can ask your private physician for dosage and recommended cycle of treatment.


Anabolic steroid abuse can lead to atrophy, acne, mood changes such as irritation and aggressiveness, high blood pressure, possible stroke, liver diseases, heart diseases, increase in sugar levels (hyperglycemia), muscular weakness, high vulnerability to infections, and an increased risk of stomach cancer.

Ensure that you only take steroids on prescription and make sure you study the content and reviews on any steroid you intend to purchase.