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What Is The Use Of Referral Code In Star Citizen?

Star Citizen is the most beautiful game which is popular for its battle theme and this game is getting much fame in gamers. Star citizen can be acquired only and only on two platforms; Microsoft Windows and Linux. If you are a Mac user then you have to wait for the arrival of this game because it is about to release for every platform. Firstly this was announced that it will be release in 2014 and then a new date was given but now it is confirmed that the game will be available in 2017. If you are willing to play it then download it.

How To Play Star Citizen?

To play Star citizen, you need an RSI account to sign in and this account will save the game where you left last time. Make sure you use the referral code to get advantage by 5000 UEC (United Earth Credit); the main currency of star citizen. In order to have a good start, log on to and know more about referral code. Now you have to buy a game package but you can try Fly Week coupon code. The burning question about UEC is that where to spend it but keep it and wait for right time.

What’s More About Spending Of UEC

If you are spending in the Voyager direct store then this will be a complete waste. You can get other things like weapons, ships and goodies with the help of REC and UEC. Well, everything you are spending is just for demo purpose which means this thing is for learning purpose.  The reason that you need to wait before spending in Voyager Direct store is inaccurate statics of weapon. Don’t spend until the update of the game because this is the assumption that lots of new things including statics of weapon are coming in the new update.