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Some Practical Care Tips for your Solar Nails

As with ordinary nail polish, one of the things that would entail doing something on your nails would be that it would require you extra care. If you wish to have a better over-all look on your nails, then you would be willing to sacrifice a little time in order for you to take extra precaution that your nails don’t get messed up. This is most especially true in the case of solar nails, given that the process is relatively more intricate. In taking care of your solar nails, here are some of the things you ought to keep in mind.

Dirt Can Accumulate

Given that there is a space between fake nails and your real ones, the reality is that this could serve as a hotbed for germs and dirt, and these could pretty much get inside them. This dirt could then cause the growth of bacteria, and in certain instances, fungi. To prevent this from happening, make it a point to clean your nails by spraying a 91% rubbing alcohol solution, and wash your hands thoroughly every now and then.

On the Growing of New Nails

After a week of having your solar nails applied, you may expect that your natural nails, normally, would be growing a little bit. This would cause a line to form, between the new nails and the solar nails themselves. If you find this too unsightly, then you may fill the layer out with acrylic for growth, or simply go back to the salon for maintenance. Never clip them on you own because this process hurts.

Replacement Time

Solar nails are usually good for just three weeks. Sometimes, they just fall off without your noticing. There are times, however which they may be removed with the sure of a nail file, or another nail. This process does not hurt, and simply means that it’s time to take another trip to the salon.